Elite Times

Many of our runners have wondered about times that it takes to get noticed by colleges.  There are no "golden" numbers but the following chart represents what will turn heads at the college level.  Obviously, the further you get below these times, the more you will get noticed.  Hit these times and you are "Elite".  

DyeStat Elite 100
(Cross Country)
Top 100 Performers
per event in the US

Boys Event Girls
16:00 5K 19:00
15:30 3 Mile 18:30
4K 14:45
3200m 11:30


As you train remember these numbers.  If you are taking care of business in the classroom and hitting these times in meets (Mt. Sac, Clovis and even Woodbridge), you should think of yourself as a student athlete at the college level. When you hit them, our coaching staff will do what it takes to get you ranked.

"Begin with the end in mind"